AMD & Intel Both Want In On The UMPC Market

It seems that the world of mobile computing just gets more popular and devices get smaller and/or more powerful.  Now it appears that in addition to Intel joining the UMPC crowd with a long-term roadmap, AMD is planning to rise up to offer challenge:
"Early last year, Microsoft revealed its ultra mobile computing platform. Smaller than a laptop but larger than a PDA, Microsoft's Origami project set the playing field for others to follow. At the time, Origami was positioned as an Internet browsing device with rudimentary multimedia capabilities. Unfortunately, the Origami project never materialized in any sort of substantial offering, but then again Microsoft has a bit of a hit-or-miss history when it comes to developing hardware.

That never deterred Intel or AMD, two companies with long histories rooted in hardware development, from stepping in where Microsoft left off. Lest there be any doubt, neither company is just picking up Microsoft's pieces; they're going into the ultra-mobile playing field at full throttle."
Devices capable of running x86 programs while still being lighter and smaller than sub-notebooks could very well be the next major trend in mobile computing.  Unfortunately it seems that AMD may not get into this particular arena until '08 or later, but when they do it might be with a byproduct of their CPU/GPU hybrid technology dubbed Fusion.

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Via:  DailyTech
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