Amazon’s Alexa-Enabled Dash Wand Sticks To Your Fridge For Easy Fresh Ordering And Cringeworthy Culinary Advice

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Amazon wants complete and total domination over your shopping experience, and that is becoming even more readily apparent with the arrival of the new Dash Wand. The Dash Wand is a small, handheld Wi-Fi device that is supposed to live in your kitchen (which explains its built-in magnet, allowing you to attach the device to your refrigerator).

The Dash Wand can be used to scan items in your refrigerator or pantry, which automatically adds them to your Amazon shopping cart. Since the Dash Wand has complete Alexa voice integration, you can add items to your Amazon cart using your voice or ask it to convert measurements and find recipes. Or, you could even call up nearby restaurants if your decision to prepare a new dish for dinner turns into an inedible disaster.

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Thanks to its Wi-Fi and Alexa support, you can also use the handheld device to control your smart home, negating the need for the more expensive Echo Dot or Echo.

The Dash Wand is currently available as an exclusive for Amazon Prime subscribers. Amazon is making the Dash Wand a must-have device that every Prime subscriber will likely pursue thanks to its pricing. The Dash Wand is priced at $20, but Amazon will give you an immediate $20 credit towards the purchase of any item on Amazon as soon as you register the device. If that wasn’t enough, those who purchase a Dash Wand will receive a 90-day free trial of the AmazonFresh home grocery service. AmazonFresh typically costs $14.99 per month.

A lot of the Dash Wand's functionality seems like it can be easily replicated with your smartphone and the Amazon app, but given that the device is basically “free” if you’re a regular Amazon shopper, you’re really not losing anything by giving it a try.