Amazon Zocalo Sets Its Gun Sights On Box And Dropbox With Collaborative Cloud Storage

The enterprise has been feeling a lot of love from online storage services lately, with Box, Dropbox, and now Amazon introducing updates and new products. Amazon just announced Zocalo, a file storage service with an emphasis on document sharing and collaboration.

Zocalo has something for everybody. Amazon is wooing enterprise execs with the promise of robust administrative controls and security. Audit logs let IT track individual user sharing activity and companies can set sharing policies by user, as well. The management interface is the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Management Console.

The selling points for users are the collaboration tools: all versions of each file are stored online, so you can access an old version of your document in a pinch. Internal and external document sharing is supported, and feedback tools are meant to keep all correspondence about your document in one place.

Support for mobile devices is a given: Zocalo apps are available for Android and IOS, as well as Kindle Fire. Software for PCs and Macs add a sync folder for convenience.  Amazon has a free month-long trial of Zocalo with 200GB per user ready to go.