Amazon Tipped To Debut Streaming Music Spotify Killer This Fall

Several companies have tried to topple Spotify in the streaming music space, including bigwigs Microsoft (Groove, formerly Xbox Music) and Apple (Apple Music), yet it remains one of the most popular options out there. But lest Spotify rest on its laurels, there's another big name reportedly crashing the party—Amazon.

Amazon already dabbles in streaming music, which it offers as a free perk to its Prime members. However, it's not an all-out streaming service and instead boasts a comparatively small library of 1 million songs. What Amazon has in store for the streaming music space is a standalone service similar to the competition.

Amazon Prime Music

Apparently Amazon has been meeting with publishers to discuss licensing terms for a full-fledged streaming service. Things are still in the early stages, but given Amazon's size and clout, things could escalate and begin to move quickly at any point.

Steve Boom, vice president of digital music for Amazon, is leading the charge. What he and Amazon envision is a library of songs that's much larger than the one offered to Prime members, as it would have to be in order to compete with and perhaps topple Spotify and Apple.

Pricing will likely be $9.99 per month, which is fairly typical in the streaming music space, though there's also talk of a $3 or $4 discount when bundling the service with Echo, Amazon's smart speaker.