Amazon Prime 20% Video Game Pre-order Discount Is Ending, Following Best Buy's Lead

Amazon isn't getting high marks from gamers for its latest policy decision relating to Prime members. The company sent out emails earlier today to Prime members letting them know that the 20 percent video game pre-order discount is ending. 

Given that we're all gamers around here and that it's a high chance that you have an Amazon Prime membership, it's likely that you're affected. The 20 percent discount on game pre-orders has been a boon to those who like to receive games on release day and save quite a few bucks in the process. In its place, Amazon will now be giving customers $10 in store credit when pre-ordering "select video games". To qualify for the $10 credit, the game will have to be sold by or Amazon Digital Services LLC (for digital downloads). 

amazon prime

To see how this would affect your future purchases, let's take a look at a game like Shadow of the Tomb Raider, which is available right now for pre-order from Amazon and will ship on September 14th. The retail price for PlayStation 4 version of the game is $59.99, but the 20 percent pre-order discount takes that down to $47.99.

Under the new system, you'll pay the full $59.99, then receive a $10 credit within 30 days of delivery. Once the credit has been applied to your account, you have 60 days to use it. It's a sloppier system, you pay more up front, and you're tied into spending more money at Amazon in the end via the $10 promo (which is a win-win for Amazon).

Amazon says that the last day to pre-order a video game and receive a 20 percent discount is August 28th.

If this sounds familiar, it's because Best Buy made a similar move last month with its Gamers Club Unlocked membership. Gamers could get a two-year membership for $30 and then receive a number of perks like 20 percent off video games, a 10% bonus credit on video game trade-ins, 10% off pre-owned video games, and more. Interestingly enough, the surviving My Best Buy program now gives customers a $10 credit for pre-ordering "select video games". Sound familiar?