Amazon Looks To Be Readying A 3D Device, Smartphone Or Tablet?

There’s an Amazon event happening on June 18th, and although Amazon is poking at us with teasers that offer next to nothing in terms of usable clues, the general consensus at the rumor mill is that Amazon will unveil a smartphone or tablet with a 3D holographic display.

How much of the above is actually true is a matter of pure speculation, but Amazon has been rumored to be working on a smartphone for years now, and it would certainly seem to be the next logical step for a company that has invaded hardware territory in ereaders, tablets, and set-top streaming boxes.

There’s a teaser video showing several people looking down and being amazed at something just off screen, but Amazon didn’t reveal any other clues in the video. The company did, however, post a photo on Twitter that shows a thin, black device emblazoned with the word “Amazon”, and the photo explicitly states that the company will reveal an actual device at the June 18th event.

amazon event

So, it’s a virtual certainty that Amazon has a tablet or smartphone on tap; we’ll be curious to see if the 3D holographic display is a Real Thing or not.