Amazon Launches Android Ad Platform To Grab Larger Slice Of Google-Dominated Mobile Advertising Market

Take a look around and you'll see we're living in a mobile world -- at every turn is someone paying more attention to their smartphone than their surroundings. What you don't see are the dollars floating through the air from users clicking on or viewing ads. It's a lucrative business, and Amazon intends on cashing in through a new advertising platform for mobile app developers.

Developers who participate in the program will be allowed to promote their apps on Android smartphones and tablets, and also Amazon-brand tablets that run custom versions of Android (Fire OS). Campaigns start at $100, and each time a user clicks on an add, Amazon would be paid.


As it stands, the mobile ad industry in the U.S. is valued at nearly $29 billion. Amazon's stake in mobile advertising is currently less than 1 percent, far less than Facebook at 17 percent and Google at 35 percent.

"We work with many developers to support merchandising and advertising across our platforms and devices," said Lyn Hart, a spokeswoman for Amazon. "We realized that many more developers would benefit from this advertising and merchandising."

This is a potential win-win for Amazon and developers, the latter of which would have a place to promote their apps on multiple platforms. They'd also have incentive to build apps specifically for Amazon devices.