Amazon Launches Fire TV Television Line-Up With Dolby Vision HDR As Low As $329

Amazon has announced the launch of a new line of Fire TVs from Toshiba packing some new features that movie and TV fans will appreciate. The TVs all have enhanced 4K Dolby Vision HDR display with an expanded range of contrast and color gamut coverage, with over 8 million pixels for crisp, deep contrast, and vibrant bright colors. Dolby Vision promises improvements when compared to a standard HDR image fidelity, with scene-by-scene dynamic color metadata support.

fire tv hdr

Dolby Vision HDR promises highlights up to 40 times brighter and blacks that are ten times darker. Amazon notes that there are hundreds of hours of streaming content offered in Dolby Vision format that users can enjoy on the Amazon Fire TV Edition Smart TV from Toshiba.

Right now shoppers can get a 55-inch version of the TV, Toshiba part number 55LF711U20, with the TV selling for just $449.99. On June 30th, two other models will land with the same features and different screen sizes; a 43-inch version will sell for $329.99 and a 50-inch version for $379.99. All the new TVs will come with the Voice Remote with Alexa

Amazon has given up a few details on the Fire TV platform, which has 34 million monthly active users. The number of monthly active users has increased every month in 2019, and sales of Fire TV Edition smart TVs have increased every month in 2019. Amazon has launched over 20 modules of Fire TV Edition Smart TVs with Best Buy since last June. Since the new TVs are only available on Amazon via Best Buy as a third-party seller, Best Buy handles shipping. While shipping is free, it may take longer than the 1 or 2 days Prime offers depending on where you live. Back in December, Sega launched a 25-game bundle that will turn your Fire TV into a Genesis game console too.