Amazon Echo Not So Nice Or Helpful In Funny Commercial Remake

Remember that uncomfortable feeling you got in the pit of your stomach from watching Amazon's terribly awkward commercial for its new Echo digital assistant speaker thing? Well, we felt it too, as did the Internet community at large. And just like a shot of something horrible tasting needs a chaser to restore order, so it goes with Amazon's ad, and thankfully somebody on the on web has posted a remake of the commercial on YouTube.

First, a little refresher is in order. The Amazon Echo is an always ready digital assistant in the form of a cylinder speaker. To use it, you say the wake word, "Alexa," followed by your inquiry. Echo then fetches the answer from Amazon's cloud, whether it's a conversion from teaspoons to tablespoons or what the weather will be like tomorrow. It can also play music and tap into your Fire OS or Android device via a companion app to do things like add items to a shopping list, manage your alarms, and so forth.

Amazon Echo Family

Admittedly, it holds promise, though Amazon's three-minute commercial for the device is 180 seconds of cheesiness. Even the Brady Bunch would have called BS on the family dynamic. It's not just us that say so, either -- Amazon had to disable comments on the video.

Whatever, it is what it is, and we're just thankful someone took the time to make a hilarious spoof, albeit one that walks dangerously close to being offensive. For example, when tasked with telling a joke, Echo responds, "A black guy, a Jew, and a prostitute walk into a bar..." The scene shifts at that point, though you don't need a punchline to know where it was going (nowhere good).

In any event, here's the ad (be advised that due to language it's NSFW):

And for those of you who missed the original commercial, here it is:

So, which one did you like better?