Amazon Completes Eero Acquisition, Discounts Its Mesh Routers By $100

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A month ago, Amazon announced its intentions to acquire network hardware firm Eero for an undisclosed sum of money. Eero is famous for its tiny mesh routers that can be easily configured with an iOS or Android app, and their generally good overall performance.

Today, Eero co-founder and CEO Nick Limp confirmed that Eero is now officially part of the expansive Amazon family. “Amazon understands the importance of great connectivity for all the devices in our home, and we’re excited to be able to learn from each other as we continue to invent the future of the home,” said Limp.

However, one of the first concerns that many in the industry (and current Eero customers) had when learning of Amazon’s involvement surrounded privacy. Eero is a company that prides its self on building customer trust and keeping customer data secure and private. Amazon, on the other hand, is a company that is notorious for its voracious appetite for data, which has only been enhanced by its Echo family of Alexa-powered smart home devices.

Limp sought to alleviate any fears around privacy in this morning’s blog post. “We want to reaffirm our commitment to your privacy head-on,” Limp explained. “At Eero, we have always believed everyone has a fundamental right to privacy, especially in their own homes, and we take this extremely seriously.

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“Amazon shares our philosophy to put customer trust first, and with every new product and feature we build, we’ll continue to adhere to our guiding principles.”

Eero, which will remain a separate company under Amazon’s umbrella, says that it will make it abundantly clear what data it is collecting and will use “easy to understand terms” when doing so. Diagnostic information will be used only to improve performance/stability, and Eero will have minimal access to additional user data in an effort to ensure security.

In other news, Amazon is currently discounting Eero routers by $100 across the board. Right now, you can get the router bundles at the following prices:

  • Eero Home WiFi System (1 Eero + 1 Eero Beacon):  $199
  • Eero Home WiFi System (1 Eero + 2 Eero Beacons): $299
  • Eero Home WiFi System (1 Eero + 3 Eero Beacons): $399

Now that Eero is part of the Amazon family, we wonder how long it will be before we start seeing its tech filter down to the Echo family of devices.