Amazon Alexa-Enabled Big Mouth Billy Bass Says Take Me To The River!

All that is old is new again. Big Mouth Billy Bass, an animatronic largemouth bass, is now compatible with Amazon’s Alexa. The late 1990’s classic singing animatronic can mow be paired with any Alexa-enabled device.

According to Steve Harris, vice president of product development at Gemmy Industries, “This is not your father’s Big Mouth Billy Bass.” Big Mouth Billy Bass is now programmed to respond to Alexa voice commands and lip sync with Alexa’s responses. He will answer questions about the weather, the news, and other inquiries, react to notifications and alarms, and dance to music. Big Mouth Billy Bass will also sing his original song “Fishin’ Time”.
alexa big mouth billy bass front

You will need an Alexa-enabled device for the new and improved Big Mouth Billy Bass to work. He pairs with almost every Echo device, from the first generation Echo to the second generation Echo Show. The animatronic pairs with Alexa via Bluetooth and will automatically update with Alexa upgrades.

The original Big Mouth Billy Bass was developed by Gemmy Industries and first sold on January 1st, 1999. He was activated by a motion sensor and sang covers of songs like "Don't Worry, Be Happy" by Bobby McFerrin and "Take Me To The River" by Al Green. There were multiple versions of Big Mouth Billy Bass, including holiday ones. Al Green claimed that he received more royalties from Big Mouth Billy Bass than from any other recording of his original song.

alexa big mouth billy bass

Big Mouth Billy Bass was a worldwide success. He has appeared in television shows and movies such as WALL-E, Chuck, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, The Sopranos, The Simpsons, and The Office. A Big Mouth Billy Bass can even be spotted in Fallout: New Vegas.

If a Big Mouth Billy Bass simply does not provide you with enough corn, you can also get Jimmy Fallon to tell you jokes through your Alexa-enabled device. If you ask Alexa to “tell me a joke”, she will introduce you to her “friend Jimmy”. Fallon worked alongside Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon writers to develop exclusive content for the collaboration. The feature is only available for a few weeks.

alexa big mouth billy bass side

Customers can pre-order Big Mouth Billy Bass for $39.99 on Amazon and also receive free shipping. If you are worried that a tragic accident may befall your beloved device, you can purchase a 2 year protection plan for $4.99. Alexa-enabled Big Mouth Billy Bass will officially be released on December 1st.