Amazon Alexa Brings In Jimmy Fallon For A Stand-Up Jokes Gig On Your Echo

Are you a big Jimmy Fallon fan? Well, now his jokes can follow you throughout your home. In a new collaboration with Amazon, Jimmy Fallon will provide a stream of corny jokes for Amazon Alexa-enabled Echo and other devices.

If you ask Alexa to “tell me a joke”, she will introduce you to her “friend Jimmy”. Fallon announced on his show, “For the first time ever, [Amazon is] using a voice other than Alexa’s to tell you a joke—and that voice is me.” Fallon worked alongside Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon writers to develop exclusive content for the collaboration.

fallon amazon alexa jokes

Many of the jokes are holiday-themed. For example, “What does a turkey say after you eat his leg? Gobble Wobble.”

If that is simply too much corn with your Thanksgiving meal, you can always get Alexa back. You will simply need to say “I miss your jokes” and Fallon will disappear. An Amazon spokesperson confirmed that the collaboration is only available for a few weeks.

Fallon fans can also enable the “Tonight Show Skill” on Alexa-enabled devices. Users will be able to listen or watch Fallon’s nightly monologues and weekly “Thank You Notes” and find out who will be appearing on the show. The skill is free and fairly well rated.

This is not the first time a celebrity has contributed their voice to a smart assistant. This past winter, Alexa-enabled device users could ask Gordon Ramsay what he thought about their dishes. Ramsay naturally responded with a witty insult. John Legend lent his silky voice this past summer to Google Assistant. Legend’s voice can provide information such as the daily weather.

amazon echo show
Amazon Echo Show

Many Alexa-enabled devices will be on sale during Amazon’s pre-Black Friday event. Products like the Echo Show will be available for as much as $50 off. Customers can also receive an Amazon Smart Plug for $5 with the purchase of an Echo device. You can check out our list of recommended deals here. Many of these devices were recently launched this past autumn. It will be interesting to see what other holiday plans Amazon has up its sleeves.