Amazon Alexa App Gets Major Overhaul With Simplified Smart Device Controls

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Amazon's Alexa companion app for iOS and Android is the central hub for discovering, setting up, and controlling Alexa smart devices installed within your home. However, no one could credibly describe the app as being easy to use or that it made controlling those devices straightforward.

This week, however, Amazon has unleashed an all-new Alexa app that greatly simplifies how you control your smart devices. There is now a dedicated Devices tab, which gives you quick and easy access to all of your smart devices. You'll see your accumulated device Groups right off the bat, which are presented by large, colorful cards. Each Group has its own on/off button and gives an overview of the devices controlled. Likewise, there's a carousel at the top of the Devices section that allows you to individually turn on/off devices based on category.

The "+" symbol in the top right-hand side of the app lets you quickly add a new device, a device group, multi-room speakers, or a stereo pair/subwoofer (the Amazon Echo Subwoofer was announced last month). We should mention that other areas of the app have gotten a fresh coat of paint, but no real additions/changes to functionality.

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The device-centric updated to the Alexa app meshes with the Amazon's all-out assault on the smart devices market. In the past two weeks, Amazon has launched a redesigned Echo Dot, Echo Plus, and Echo Show. It also announced on an all-new Smart Plug, Echo Link Amp and even an AmazonBasics Alexa Microwave.

As Amazon's Alexa-based devices family expands, and other third-party Alexa-supported devices flood the market, controlling them becomes even more important. Amazon's redesigned Alexa app goes a long way towards enabling everyday consumers to "smarten up" their homes. You can download the updated app right now from the iOS App Store, while an updated Android app is on the way.