Amazon's Alexa Event Outs Echo Subwoofer, Echo Link Amp And $60 Smart Microwave

Amazon held a special event today to announce a new round of Alexa-powered products, and you've already seen a few of them leaked right here at HotHardware.

Among the devices unveiled include the Echo Sub, which as we described this morning, is a 100W subwoofer. It can pair with up to two [same model] Echo devices to provide full 2.1 stereo audio. Pairing is accomplished using handy Alexa app for Android or iOS. The Echo Sub is priced at $129.99 is available for preorder today.

echo sub alexa
Amazon Echo Sub

Adding to the audio theme are the Echo Link ($199) and Echo Link Amp ($299). The Echo Link serves as the receiver, while the Echo Link Amp actually includes a 60-watt dual-channel amplifier. When it comes to connectivity, you'll find Ethernet, coax and optical in ports.

echo link
Echo Link

There’s also the Echo Input, which is a $34.99 accessory that allows you to turn any speaker into an "Echo". The device features integrated far-field microphones. The device is similar in concept to Chromecast Audio, and will be bundled in the future with some big name third-party speakers (like Bose).

amazon microwave alexa
AmazonBasics Alexa Microwave

To top things off, Amazon has announced a $59.99 smart microwave that will be features in the company’s AmazonBasic lineup. It has a number of voice-activated presets so you can tell the microwave what kind of food you want to cook and for how long. The device uses a combination of Bluetooth LE and Wi-Fi for connectivity and leverages the Alexa Connect Kit platform. Rather comically, it even includes a built-in Dash button for ordering popcorn -- which should be great for those late-night movie/TV show binging sessions on Amazon Video.