Amazon Echo Sub And Smart Plug Leak As Part Of Alexa Product Expansion

Amazon is doing very well with its line of Alexa-powered Echo smart speakers. Earlier this week a rumor was making the rounds that suggested Amazon was set to significantly expand its Alexa offerings on the market with eight new devices including a microwave and an amplifier. A couple of those new Alexa devices have leaked with Amazon itself being the source. It appears someone hit the live button a bit too early and listings turned up for an Echo Sub and an Echo Plug on Amazon UK.


Those listings have since disappeared, but Pocket-lint was able to grab images and details on what we can expect in the ever-expanding universe of gear. The Echo Sub is a powered subwoofer that is meant to pair with your Echo or Echo Plus. It packs a 100W down-firing 6-inch subwoofer that promises to be easy to set up. If you have a pair of the same compatible Echo devices, you can pair them both for left/right stereo sound. That means using the sub you can create a slick 2.1 audio system that responds to your voice.

sub list

The sub appears to be cloth covered, and it would make sense for it to come in the same colors as the Echo speakers themselves, but that is unconfirmed. The tidbit about pairing two Echo speakers for stereo sound is a new feature; you can group the speakers now, but you can’t pair for stereo. As for pricing, the listing showed a price of £75.00 which is about $99. That seems reasonable but could be completely incorrect. The availability date for the Sub is showing as October 11.

plug amazon

Another product that turned up is a device called the Amazon Smart Plug. There are plenty of similar devices on the market allowing you to automatically turn on whatever is attached to the plug without having to get up. The big difference here is that the plug is Alexa compatible and could be used for setting up routines to automate the things you frequently do, like starting a coffee pot or kettle.

This plug had of £95.00 making it about $125. That price seems incorrect as it would make the Amazon Smart Plug much more expensive than other offerings on the market. However, if the price on the plug is questionable, it does raise the question with the price of the Sub.

Images via Pocket-lint