Alienware's ALX System, nForce2 Ultra 400Gb & More

Good evening folks!  The news has been coming in at a steady pace today, so I figured I'd pop in with a quick update before the in-box get's overloaded!  Here are some more of today's interesting happenings...

 Alienware's Dual PCI-E Graphics System Uncovered @ PCPer.Com:

"The first ALX system consumers will see will be based upon the new upcoming Intel platform. In an effort to ensure the ALX brand lives up to its name, Alienware will be overclocking every component within the system direct from the factory. Enthusiasts yearning to push the envelope can now sigh with relief as the envelope will be as far as possible while still being covered under warranty. Given how the boost in speed will result in increased temperatures, the ALX models will also feature a custom watercooling system courtesy of an unnamed company. This new watercooling system will be integrated into a new case design which is sure to illustrate the fact that this is no ordinary Alienware system. That is, if any rig from Alienware can be depicted as "ordinary".

 nForce2 Ultra 400Gb @ Bjorn3D:

"NVIDIA Firewall is a packet-based hardware implementation of network firewall integrated into nForce2 Ultra 400GB and nForce3 250Gb MCPs. This is truly a revolutionary shift by NVIDIA in terms of motherboard features – technology that was there, but was never actually implemented into motherboard chipset. NVFirewall is fully compatible with NVIDIAs Gigabit Ethernet as well as other 3rd party devices."

 Enermax Coolergiant 480 Watt Power Supply Video Review @ 3DGameMan:

"The Enermax Coolergiant 480 Watt Power Supply offers outstanding true power even when the system is highly overclocked and stressed out to the max. Something quite different are the two separate 12V rails that result in clean power which overclockers will love. It has an excellent fan layout helping exhausting hot air from inside the case. Watch the Video to find out more..."

 Integrity PC Fluid XP Review @ ClubOverclocker:

"Everyone knows that water cooling has its merits, but almost all of those advantages are quickly shot down by those that have yet to dwell into the realms of actually running a water-cooled system due to the mere suggestion of water electronic equipment = $$$. Well today we have a solution for you, and Integrity PC has just the thing for you, its called Fluid XP ."

Whoa, let me stop there.  Just got a juicy e-mail...Be Right Back!