Alienware Does HTPC

Alienware, known best for their alien-head shaped gaming rigs, has just announced that they will be entering the home theater PC market with a slick looking new system called the Hanger18. The Hanger18 is a slim DVD-player sized HTPC and it will run Windows Vista Home Premium on an AMD LIVE! platform.
"Say hello to your new high-performance, digital living room. Introducing the High-Definition Alienware Hanger18: HD Entertainment Center that combines all of the following components into one box:
  • High-Definition Digital Video Recorder (DVR) for recording and playing back your HD content (up to 1080p) via and HDMI output
  • Up to 2 terabytes of hard drive storage
  • Up to 4 TV tuners (two analog and two HD/digital TV tuners)
  • Stereo receiver with built-in 1000 watt amplifier and subwoofer output (5 channels deliver 200 watts peak power output each)
  • AMD Live!™ software applications running with Microsoft Vista OS
  • Slim slot loading DVD/CD player/burner
  • Bluetooth and wireless 802.11a/b/g
  • Front inputs for Memory card: (Compact Flash I & II, SD, Mini SD, MultiMedia Card, Memory Stick, Smart Media)
The Alienware Hanger18: HD Entertainment Center is the perfect fit for consumers looking to purchase the best media center solution available for the living room environment."
From the available photos, you can clearly see the Hanger18's Alienware heritage, complete with a lighted Alienware logo. The Hanger18's case will be equipped with a vacuum fluorescent display, volume knob and various multimedia controls including what appears to be a D-pad. The Hanger18 starts at $1,999 and can be equipped with up to 2 terabytes of hard drive space and 4 TV tuners (2 analog, 2 HD) for some serious DVR functionality.  With that many tuners, you can watch your favorite show while recording up to three others, or I suppose you could watch four different shows at once. Standard accessories include a Gyration RF wireless remote control that doubles as a mouse so you can change the channel and surf the web from your seat, although typing might be an issue unless you also get the optional Gyration wireless keyboard.
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