Amazon Alexa Creeps Man Out With A Random, Rather Morbid Comment

Amazon's Alexa AI assistant is a neat device that can perform all sorts of tasks, from answering questions to controlling your smart home and controlling video playback, among many other useful talents. Alexa has also been known to be downright creepy on occasion. It wasn't too long ago that Alexa was laughing maniacally and freaking out users. Alexa has also recorded private conversations and sent them out to at least one owner's contacts. Amazon did, however, give a convoluted explanation of how that happened and vowed to change things so that situation wouldn’t arise again. However, Alexa's latest creep-show may be an ever tougher situation to explain away.

echo dot 1

Alexa has allegedly done something even more creepy, than laughing randomly, to a man from San Francisco by the name of Shawn Kinnear. According to Kinnear his Alexa device randomly stated, "Every time I close my eyes all I see is people dying." Kinnear added that Alexa's statement was "followed by the most uncomfortable silence I have ever felt." Ya think?

According to Kinnear, Alexa was in the living room and he had Amazon Prime paused on the TV. He was walking back from the kitchen when Alexa blurted out this statement. Kinnear says that he asked Alexa to repeat the statement and that the AI assistant said it did not understand.

Kinnear notes that Alexa made the statement in its normal voice and that it was so unexpected he didn’t get to record the outburst. Kinnear claims that the Amazon device was given to his partner as a Christmas gift in 2016 and that they rarely use it. He says that after the creepy outburst they are thinking of disconnecting the device.

Someone should call Bruce Willis because some The Sixth Sense stuff is going on here.