Albatron TC 6200 Q PCI-E, Thermaltake Tsunami Dream PC Case, and more!

Hey folks, here's your last bit of news for the day. I'm off for a quick game of Counter-Strike: Source, and then bed, so good night all.

Sunbeam 20 in 1 Superior Panel Review @ 3DXtreme

"We have digital cameras and other devices that use all kinds of media cards, not to mention those that use USB, Firewire or even SATA connections. To fulfill these needs companies have come up with fan controllers, I/O panels, card readers, and temperature displaying LCD screens. But what about the limited amount of real estate on the front of your case? If you have all these items and a standard mid-tower case, there's no room left for your drives. How are you supposed to make that work? That's where Sunbeam comes in."

Thermaltake Tsunami Dream PC Case @ X-Bit Labs

"We would like to offer you a detailed review of a Thermaltake case (VA3400BWA model), which not only looks great, but also provides excellent thermal environment for a high-performance home system. Check out our article for the assembly tips, design peculiarities of this solution and detailed investigation of system components temperatures in various work modes!"

HIS X850XT Platinum IceQ II @ Viperlair

"Between the HIS card and ATI's card, the performance and features are identical, so the main advantage of the HIS X850XT-PE is the improved cooler. While we knocked it earlier, it does run quietly and cools on average about 12°C cooler than ATI's cooler. Other than that, deciding between the cards is going to boil down to pricing and availability."

Albatron TC 6200 Q PCI-E @ PenStar Systems

"The TC6200Q is Albatron's nomenclature for its 64 MB/64 bit 6200 TC. While it has 64 MB onboard, it can address up to 192 MB of main memory when 512 MB or more are present. This gives it a total of 256 MB of addressable memory utilizing onboard and system memory through the PCI-E bus."