AGEIA Shows Off Exclusive Pre-Release PhysX Titles

AGEIA Shows Off Exclusive Pre-Release PhysX Titles And New Hardware at Digital Life

Physics leader ups the ante on realism in games; offers a show special on PhysX boards and PhysX powered Dell gaming PCs

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - October 12, 2006 - AGEIA Technologies, Inc. the pioneer in hardware-accelerated physics for PC, today announced that it will showcase a series of upcoming PhysX games and PCI-Express add-in boards at Digital Life, (booth #1535), October 12-15 in New York City. In addition, AGEIA will give daily presentations on the future of advanced gaming physics in the Digital Life Theater and host a "celebrity appearance" on Sunday, October 15th.  READ MORE...

Dave and I are heading to the show tomorrow and will report back with pics and other assorted goodies from the show floor.  Stay tuned.

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