Adobe Teases AI-Powered Project Stardust To Make Photo Editing A Breeze

hero adobe max presentation
Adobe shared a sneak peek at its upcoming AI-powered Stardust project that aims to make photo editing a breeze during its MAX conference this week. Stardust is powered by Firefly Model 2 and is available to try out now.

Adobe has been making advancements by incorporating AI into its products, creating software that significantly enhances the creative flow and technique with the aid of AI. The company shared a public preview of some of these technologies it is currently working on, including Stardust.

Stardust incorporates much of what already exists in Adobe's Firefly-based AI tools and presents them in a new way. Some are already comparing it to what Google is attempting to do with its Magic Editor on Android, with both technologies aimed at making editing photos more straightforward.

The software consists of a tool that allows users to detect objects in a photo and then manipulate them by dragging them around the frame or deleting them altogether. Adobe also claims that the software will be capable of deleting a shadow from an object and replacing the missing pixels with realistic AI generation, as demonstrated in the video above.

Part of the process includes making Generative Fill more potent, which involves its new Image 2 Model—it creates higher quality images with more precise human figures that do not appear as oddly shaped as they used to. A new text-to-image model will supposedly create greater details like pores or foliage, making them seem more realistic.

Another feature is the AI's ability to recognize major cultural landmarks and symbols. Users can also adjust various photo settings while creating an image, such as motion blur, the field of view, and more. Another feature is Generative Match, which can apply the "style" of a separate image to a new AI-created photo "at scale."

Stardust was just one of many projects Adobe discussed during its MAX conference. Anyone who would like to watch the opening keynote can do so by visiting the Adobe website.