Adobe Lightroom's AI Upgrade Arrives To Fix Your Grainy Photos Taken In Poor Light

hero adobe lightroom denoise
Adobe is adding new AI innovations to its coveted Lightroom ecosystem. The new AI integrations, including new features Denoise and Curves, are being touted as making it easy to edit photos like a pro.

The company has been rolling out new features utilizing its new Adobe Sensei GenAI and generative AI, such as its family of creative generative AI models included in its upcoming Firefly. Now, Adobe has introduced new AI innovations within its Lightroom ecosystem, which includes Lightroom, Lightroom Classic, Lightroom Mobile, and Web.

Anyone who has ever delved into the hobby of photography to any degree knows the pains of overcoming poor lighting. With Adobe's Denoise, removing digital noise from your images in order to improve image quality without losing detail could be a game changer. The feature is especially handy for dealing with high ISO files in low light, as in sunsets, shots taken during evening hours, or at parties. It is currently only available to use with RAW files, with more file types coming soon. It is also worth keeping in mind that the process creates a DNG copy of the image which may increase the file size and accompanying storage requirements.

The Curves feature was developed to create "highly customized and precise edits by adjusting contrast, tone, and color on specific parts of your image." It will allow fine control over tonality and color in specific areas of a photo to help obtain the "perfect look." An example of where this might be used is in a landscape photo that needs a specific creative effect, or a portrait in need of warming or brightening particular areas without impacting the overall exposure.

adobe black and white feature

A feature that is gaining new tools is Select People. It is now possible to make precise edits to facial hair and clothing automatically by generating a mask for individuals or groups in any portrait. Want to change the color of your two-year-old's shirt? No problem, simply select the shirt in the photo and change the color. Want to remove the grey from your beard? Simply select the beard and then darken or adjust the texture.

Other areas that are getting updates in Lightroom include new adaptive presets, black and white for video, and Content Credentials for Lightroom on Mac and Windows. The Content Credential feature is available as a Tech Preview, and allows users to add proper attribution and creative transparency.

The latest releases of Lightroom are available to download now via the Creative Cloud Desktop app. Updates to Lightroom mobile are rolling out globally now.