Adobe Reveals Acrobat DC For Creating, Signing And Managing PDFs Online

Adobe is setting its sights on paper documents with its new Document Cloud. The service is meant to be an online hub for storing and sharing forms and other documents that are ordinarily filled out and signed by hand in many workplaces. Not surprisingly, the core of Document Cloud’s capabilities comes from Acrobat, known in this version as Acrobat DC.

Adobe Document Cloud has Adobe Acrobat DC at its heart

“People and businesses are stuck in document-based processes that are slow, wasteful, and fragmented,” said Bryan Lamkin, senior vice president of Technology and Corporate Development at Adobe in a statement. “While most forms of content have successfully made the move to digital (books, movies, music), documents and the process of working with them have not, and that needs to change. Adobe Document Cloud will revolutionize and simplify how people get work done with critical documents.”

acrobatDC 02

Terms like “revolutionize” are enough to make a tech writer cringe, but I’m intrigued by Document Cloud anyway. Adobe’s subscription-based Creative Cloud, which pulls together Photoshop and several other tools (and provides storage for the content users create with them), is a pretty solid package. Adobe’s experience in building and fine-tuning Creative Cloud over the past couple of years is bound to come in handy as it tackles as similar online hub for documents in Adobe Document Cloud.

Like Creative Cloud, Document Cloud is made up of multiple services. One of the most useful of these will probably be eSign Services, which was formerly Adobe EchoSign. Being able to easily sign digital documents is crucial to converting from a paper document system to an online one, so eSign Services will play a big role in whether Document Cloud succeeds. Adobe says the service is designed to let you electronically sign documents from any device, and it makes e-signing free. Adobe’s new Acrobat Mobile and Fill & Sign apps are a part of the Document Cloud.

acrobatDC 03

Document Cloud also has new document management features to help you track documents, both during and after creation. But Adobe Acrobat DC is the most important part of Document Cloud, offering new features like synthesized fonts that match fonts in documents you scan. And, importantly, Acrobat DC’s interface is designed to be touch-friendly. Acrobat DC will also be integrated with Adobe Creative Cloud and Marketing Cloud, linking Adobe’s biggest products.