Adobe Gives Photoshop Better AI Superpowers With Massively Upgraded Firefly 3

hero adobe firefly 3 image
Adobe announced new updates to Photoshop along with a brand spanking new and buffed version of its Firefly Foundation Model, Firefly 3. The updates to Photoshop include an even more powerful Generative Fill feature, and new Generate Image capabilities.

Content creators have been enjoying all the new toys that the power of AI has brought to the table, with photographers particularly finding new features like Generative Fill very handy while using Photoshop. Now, Adobe is giving creators new “superpowers” with an update to the feature that adds Reference Image to the mix. Adobe says this will deliver greater control for creators, allowing Photoshop users to “confidently create amazing images.”

Bringing all the new superpowers to the table is the new Firefly Image 3 Foundation Model. According to Adobe, Generate Image will allow creators to shorten the distance between the blank page and incredible results. Firefly 3 will be available directly in Photoshop and the Firefly web app, where it will improve the capabilities of both Generative Fill and Generative Expand.

adobe firelfy 3 layout
Adobe Image 3 layout on PC.

“This massive new update to Photoshop takes creativity to unprecedented levels – whether you are a professional or brand new to Photoshop,” explained Ashley Still, senior vice president, Creative Product Group at Adobe. “Through new Firefly-powered features in Photoshop, we are bringing ideation and creation closer together and making editing images both more powerful and approachable so everyone can realize their creative vision.”

Firefly Image 3, which is currently in beta, is capable of producing photorealistic renders via a text-to-image prompt by the user. Adobe says it has made significant advancements in speed of generation, which make the ideations and creation process more productive and efficient. It also adds that it will bring “massive advancements to quality and control to users.”

“In just over a year, Firefly has become the image generation tool of choice used by millions of creators to ideate every day, and we’re just getting started,” remarked Ely Greenfield, chief technology officer, Digital Media at Adobe. “As we continue to advance the state of the art with Image 3 Foundation Model, we cannot wait to see how our creative community will push the bounds of what’s possible with this beta build.” 

Firefly has already been used to create over 7 billion images worldwide since its release in March of 2023, according to Adobe. With all the new advancements to the program, it is very likely that number will only continue to grow.