Free Adobe Express Mobile App With Firefly Turbocharges Android And iOS With AI Tools

hero adobe express
Adobe is rolling out its newest Adobe Express mobile app with Firefly generative AI and the power of Adobe creative tools. The new mobile app brings features such as text-to-image, generative fill, text effects, and text to template, all now available on mobile devices.

The company touts the all-new mobile app as the all-in-one AI content creation app that makes it simple for anyone to ideate, design, and share standout social media posts, videos, flyers, logos, and more. Adobe Express is aimed at making the lives of content creators and business minded people easier and more productive with a plethora of AI tools and features to help streamline any work flow while on the go.

adobe express generative ai

“Adobe Express brings the magic of Firefly generative AI directly into web and mobile content creation experiences,” explained Govind Balakrishnan, senior vice president, Adobe Express and Digital Media Services, Adobe. “We’re excited to see a record number of customers turning to Adobe Express to promote their ideas, passions and businesses through digital content and on TikTok, Instagram, X, Facebook and other social platforms.”

The mobile app is powered by Adobe Firefly generative AI. Features such as text to image, and text effects allow creators to create unique and inventive images and designs on a mobile device easily. Available features include:
  • Video: Get started with distinctive templates and then combine video clips, images and music. Add animations and generate real-time, highly accurate, editable and customizable captions in 100+ languages to any video – instantly. Video timeline, layer timing and support for 4K video features make it simple to create social-first videos from anywhere. 
  • Text to Image: Quickly create a new look for a project by instantly generating new images with Firefly generative AI.  
  • Generative Fill: Insert, remove or replace people, objects and more with simple text prompts. 
  • Text Effects: Make attention-grabbing headlines, copy and messages that pop with text stylings using generative AI. 
  • Text to Template: Create one-of-a-kind, fully editable templates with a simple prompt for various outputs such as social media posts, flyers, posters and more. Leverage assets from Adobe’s collection of best-in-class fonts, Adobe Stock photos, generated images or a user’s own images.  
  • Expanded Content and Templates: Access thousands of stunning video and multipage templates, more than 28,000 Adobe Fonts and hundreds of thousands of Adobe Stock videos, music tracks and design assets. 
  • Quick Actions: Edit, resize or remove backgrounds from images and videos or generate a QR code or trim a video with just one click. 
  • Content Scheduler: Plan, preview, schedule and publish to social media channels like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and more, quickly and easily.
ai generated cat playing video games
Image created using text: Cat sitting at desk playing video games.

According to the company, the Adobe Express mobile app is also compatible with other Adobe Creative Cloud apps, providing an extended surface so Creative Cloud subscribers can create, edit and collaborate on the go. An example would be someone working with creative assets from Photoshop or Illustrator created on a PC, and editing directly within Adobe Express on a mobile device.

The new Adobe Express mobile app is free to download worldwide on Android and iOS devices, and supports a wide array of languages. For those who want a bit more options, there is a Premium tier available that unlocks additional features. Anyone can try out Premium before deciding to subscribe with a 30-day free trial.