Google Embraces Generative AI In Gmail, Docs, Sheets And These Other Services

ai handshake
AI has become the latest go-to weapon in the battle of tech giants. Microsoft has partnered with OpenAI for ChatGPT, while Apple and Amazon are building out their own machine-learning AI platforms. It's hard to know who will come out on top or who to trust. Whether we like it or not, these new AI platforms and models are here to stay. Google has fired the most recent shots by giving Workspace customers access to AI inside its tools.

While the AI system is in private preview at the moment, a waitlist is coming soon. Google has stated its Pathways Language Model (PaLM) will soon start appearing on its Workspace and development services. This means you may see an AI friend helping you write your next essay on your school Google account. Or it could help out even more beyond Smart Compose when you need to ask your boss for a raise in Gmail.

Video of AI Assistant Helping in Google Docs

The integration into development tools is also exciting. ChatGPT's offerings have already been impressive, with the service being able to write some basic applications, though they often have errors. Considering Google has been an innovator in developing and improving programming languages and app creation since almost its beginning, we have high hopes for the development portion of the AI model.

AI model parameters allow you to narrow or expand the scope of your requests to the AI system, at least on the development side. These large language model-based AI improvements are very exciting to see. Their most impressive aspect is that they typically interpret language and speech patterns fairly accurately. As that continues to improve and we also start to see improvements in voice recognition, having that Star Trek-like computer may finally be plausible, allowing us to "write a program" by just giving the system parameters. It may be some time before we get a holodeck, though.