Adobe And Qualcomm Talk Flash Details On Windows 8

Tons of new Windows 8 details are flowing out after BUILD 2011, and the trickle has yet to stop. Adobe's chipping in with a very important tidbit: Flash. Flash remains a huge part of the Web, for better or worse, and with the world's most prominent tablet platform not supporting Flash sites (iOS), but Android supporting it, many were wondering where Windows 8 would position itself. A new post about the Flash Platform Blog has explained that "rich web based games and premium videos that require Flash" will be supported in Windows 8, and the company expects that Flash-based apps will come to the Metro side of Win8 via Adobe AIR. That's a familiar concept; the same has happened with iOS and Android, not to mention BlackBerry.

In related news, Qualcomm has also announced that their Snapdragon CPU line will enable Flash Player on Windows 8, and there's even a prototype Win8 tablet out in the wild to prove it. Where? In the video just below.