Adata Teases XPG Vault Mouse Concept With A Built-In 1TB SSD To Store Your Games

Adata XPG Vault Mouse
Mice generally eat fruits, seeds, and grains but will munch on just about anything. We don't expect that to include NAND flash memory chips or fully assembled solid state drives, though, but a concept rodent Adata plans to trot out at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) next week is an exception. There's an actual SSD inside its belly.

Launching under its XPG division, the XPG Vault looks like a standard gaming mouse (from the render Adata shared), but it sports a baked-in SSD up to 1TB in capacity to store "your gaming library, in the palm of your hand." Used in conjunction with its Gaming Launcher software, Adata says the XPG Vault allows players to take their games with them from one PC to the next.

Adata also claims a surprisingly zippy 985MB/s transfer speed by way of a wired USB Type-C connection. The theoretical speed of a USB 3.2 Gen 2x1 connection would be enough to support that kind of speed (as we've seen with Samsung's T7 Portable SSD), though a variety of factors come into play, such as overhead and cooling. It remains to be seen how quickly an SSD tucked inside the cavity of a gaming mouse would throttle.

Other features are not yet known, but we can make out at least five buttons, plus the scroll wheel likely serving as a sixth. The XPG Vault also looks like it will boast customizable RGB lighting on the outer edges of the scroll wheel and on the XPG logo that adorns the Vault's chassis.

Details about the SSD (such as the type of NAND flash memory chips and controller hardware) and things like the mouse's DPI are not known at the moment, but will hopefully be shared at CES. Same goes for pricing.

The advantage of an SSD for this type of application is that it has no moving parts. That means you can wiggle the mouse around all you want without affecting the drive, the same of which wouldn't necessarily be true with a mechanical hard disk drive (HDD). Whether there's a market for something like this, we suppose we'll find out soon.