A-DATA 16GB Turbo CF 266X Sneak Peek

Working here at HotHardware, the team is used to seeing the latest and greatest graphics cards, processors, RAM, and motherboards.  But every so often something different, and occasionally really useful that we wouldn’t normally evaluate, lands in the lab that we think you’d all like to see.  One such product is the new A-DATA 16GB Turbo CF 266X.  As its name implies, the A-DATA 16GB Turbo CF 266X is a Compact Flash card with a 266X speed rating and an advertised capacity of 16GB.

We’ve been using the card for a couple of weeks now without a hitch.  Although a couple of benchmarks show its real-world speed well below 266X, you must keep in mind these tests were run using a USB 2.0 card reader.  With a card like this connected to an IDE-to-Flash adapter performance would likely be higher. 


The A-DATA 16GB Turbo CF 266X actual formatted capacity came in at just a hair under 15GB, which equates to roughly 2000, high quality 10MP digital photos.  That should be enough pics for that vacation to the Caribbean, no?  And according to SiSoft SANDRA's removable storage benchmark, the card read data at up to 8.7MB/s and wrote data at 6.5MB/s.

Current street pricing isn’t available just yet because this product is quite new, but considering A-DATA’s track record of aggressive pricing, we expect this card to retail in the $260 to $300 range.

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