Activision Blizzard Launches Consumer Products Division Spearheaded By Former Mattel And Disney Exec

If you're a fan of any Activision or Blizzard game series, then there's a new reason to be excited. Announced today, parent company Activision Blizzard is launching a new division focused squarely on consumer products. Love Overwatch? Expect to see an even greater selection with your geek gear soon.

To launch this division, former Mattel and Disney executive Tim Kilpin was brought in, who helped both companies achieve great success in similar areas. He says, "I’m excited to lead this newly-formed division and join Activision Blizzard’s already incredibly talented consumer products team in delivering powerful new partnerships and even more touchpoints to audiences."


While fans of Blizzard or Activision games haven't been left without options of products to buy based on the series they love, the selection over time is admittedly still going to fall flat compared to what gamers are eager for. Bungie is a good example here, as it's provided a huge amount of gear relating to Destiny ever since its launch. Even two years later, it regularly releases new products to the store, and fans continue to eat it up.

For that reason, this move seems long overdue. After all, both Blizzard and Activision have had mammoth fanbases for years; their series titles enjoy millions of fans each, so the potential here is huge. And with a man like Kilpin running things, it's hard to expect anything other than awesomeness to bleed out of this new division.