Acer Predator XN253Q X 240Hz G-SYNC Gaming Monitor Pumps Ultra Fast 0.4ms Response Time

Predator XN253Q X
Earlier the month, AOC dropped jaws when it announced its latest 24.5- and 27-inch gaming monitors boasting an ultra-low response time of 0.5ms. Now, it's Acer's turn with the unveil of the Predator XN253Q X 24.5-inch gaming monitor.

The Predator XN253Q X features a 1920x1080 panel with a high 240Hz refresh rate, but its headlining feature is an incredibly fast response time of just 0.4 seconds. Acer claims that this allows the monitor to achieve "amazingly accurate gameplay even in the fastest action scenes."

We've yet to see either AOC's or Acer's latest sub 1ms gaming monitors in action, but we're eager to see how much of a difference this spec really makes in the real world when it comes to gaming (at least compared to existing gaming monitors on the market).

Predator XN253Q X 2

Besides its absolutely bonkers 0.4ms response time, Acer also boasts support for NVIDIA G-SYNC and a brightness rating of 400 nits. Viewing angles are rated at 170 degrees horizontally and a slightly narrower 160 degrees vertically. The Predator XN253Q X includes a built-in stand than can tilt, swivel and pivot. It is also height-adjustable up to 4.5 inches so that you can find the perfect viewing position when you're executing headshots from long distances.

On the connectivity front, you'll find HDMI 1.4 and DisplayPort 1.2 connectors along with four USB 3.0 ports for your peripherals. Finally, there are dual 2W speakers built-in to the monitor.

Acer has outfitted the Predator XN253Q X with 11 black level options along with black boost (which is helpful for picking out details in-game) and six-color axis adjustment. There are also a number of pre-set display modes including Action, Sports, Racing and Movie. These modes can be accessed either directly from the OSD or with hotkeys.

The Acer Predator XN253Q X is priced at $499 and will be available form leading retailers in the coming weeks.