Acer Announces Portable C120 LED Pico Projector

Acer’s new ultraportable pico projector is indeed a pocket-sized device at just 4.72 x 3.23 x 1 inches (WxDxH), and it weighs less than half a pound. Designed as a companion for a notebook, The little guy can run off of a USB port (with support for USB 3.0) for convenience or from AC power when a brighter display is required. Any Acer notebook power adapter can also power the C120, which is a nice touch.

The projector’s native display is 16:9 WVGA (854x480), with a maximum resolution of 16:10 QXGA (1280x800). The contrast ratio is 1000:1, color saturation is 60 to 120 percent NTSC, and the projection throw ranges from 15.75 inches to 12.14 feet.

The LED lamp is rated for 20,000 hours and can fire up right away to avoid that awkward pause while you wait for the projector to ramp up.

For $259, you can have the C120 and its one-year warranty.