Microsoft's Accessibility-Centric Xbox One Controller Leaks Ahead Of E3

Microsoft is a major force when it comes to gaming thanks to its Xbox One console, popular first-party games, and the fact that Windows 10 is the platform of choice for many PC gamers. One of the biggest things that Microsoft pushes for in many aspects of the software and hardware it builds is inclusion and accessibility. Windows 10 is chocked full of accessibility features for those with physical limitations.

xbox controller

The image you see above is said to be a leaked shot of Microsoft's accessible Xbox One controller. It may look like a DJ controller for a music game, but the two large black circles are for the A and B buttons. Without anything for scale, it's hard to tell just how large the controller is. The "D" pad almost looks normal size, which seems a bit strange at first considering it's aimed at people with physical limitations that need alternative means of controlling games. We would expect the D-Pad to be larger as well.

The groove across the top is said to be filled with all the Xbox controller functions for people who need to do things by feel rather than sight. There is a three-light LED like what was seen on the leaked Xbox Elite V2 controller presumably to show which mode is active. It's hard to see in the image, but the left side appears to have a USB port and headphone jack. The controller and all details are expected to be unveiled at E3 2018 kicking off next month.