Abit Press Release, P4 3.46EE and Others

Good morning all :)  In my blurry eyed state last night, I have seemed to have missed a few interesting articles that came in our inbox.  But, as we all know; Old news is good news... wait.... that doesn't sound quite right.... ;)  Here is your AM shot of juice...

ABIT Launches Pro Gaming Hardware line Fatal1ty AA8XE and Fatal1ty X700XT

November 1st, 2004 - How do you build the Ultimate Gaming Platform? You find the Ult1mate Gamer. In a historical move, ABIT has partnered with the world's top gamer - Johnathan 'Fatal1ty' Wendel - to develop PC gaming hardware with no equal. Built for extreme speed and unmatched stability, the ABIT Fatal1ty Hardware Series is a platform designed for gaming from the ground up. Today, ABIT is proud to launch the first of the Fatal1ty hardware series - the Fatal1ty AA8XE motherboard and Fatal1ty X700XT Graphics Card.

The Fatal1ty AA8XE is packed with top-notch features and is built for speed. Intel's latest 925XE chipset provides the backbone, featuring a 1066MHz front side bus, and DDR2 memory support. Dual Intel LAN ensures the lowest latencies at home and at LAN events. Dual OTES™ keeps the system cool in the heat of battle. ABIT's µGuru™ technology allows you to easily tune your system for optimum performance and frame rates. On the Fatal1ty AA8XE is specially designed unlockable BIOS, which grants the user a number of BIOS options designed to push the system to the very limits for unmatched gaming performance. Audio performance is also top-notch with 7.1 channel high-definition audio backed by ABIT's AudioMAX technology. By using a separate daughter card for audio connectors, ABIT Engineers have greatly reduced the amount of noise caused by high frequencies generated from the motherboard. In fact, the Fatal1ty AA8XE is the first motherboard to receive Dolby(R) Digital Live support.The specially designed PWM system not only delivers clean stable power to the on-board components, but positioned over the MOSFETs are high-grade heatsinks that draw heat efficiently from some of a motherboard's hottest components. In fact, with ABIT's unique layout, the MOSFETs remain below 50°C!

Fore more details, check out the website:  Click Here

On the graphics side, the Fatal1ty X700XT offers impressive performance for today's hottest 3D games. Instead of the typical cookie-cutter design, the Fatal1ty X700XT uses an ABIT Engineered symmetrical layout that delivers consistent power across the entire graphics card for unmatched stability. The Fatal1ty X700XT includes 256MB of ultra-fast GDDR3 memory rated at 1.6ns for blistering performance. With ABIT-designed copper heatsink and RAMsinks, the Fatal1ty X700XT delivers VPU temperatures that are up to 8° cooler than the competition, and with OC Strips, the Fatal1ty X700XT quickly draws excessive heat from the PCB.

Click Here, for more details.

 Pentium 4-3.46 GHz EE and i925XE Review @ Sharky Extreme

"At first glance, the release of the Pentium 4-3.46 GHz Extreme Edition may seem a bit unusual. After all, the 3.46 GHz core speed is not much higher than the current Pentium 4-3.4 GHz EE, and certainly not enough to warrant much hoopla. But this is a bit more than just a processor introduction, as the Pentium 4-3.46 GHz EE may only run slightly higher than 3.4 GHz, but the processor front-side bus is the area where the speeds really jump. Instead of the current 800 MHz FSB, the new Pentium 4-3.46 GHz EE has been upgraded to a 1066 MHz (1.06 GHz) bus, and is similar to the prior 533 and 800 MHz bus speed transitions."

 Samsung SCD 105 Digital Camcorder @ TechTastic.ca

"If you're in the market to buy a video camcorder there's a lot to choose from. Today we take a look at Samsungs SCD-105 Mini DV Camcorder that loaded with features and can double as a 3 megapixel camera."

 CoolerMaster Cavalier 1 CAV-T01 Designer Computer Case Review @ Tweaknews.net

"Today I will introducing the CoolerMaster Cavalier 1 Designer Computer Case which rides the knife's edge between the two fields as an attractive alternative for the mainstream user, but also would be an excellent case for an gamer as well."

 YeongYang YY-5601BK Mid-Tower Case @ GideonTech.com

"Today YeongYang was nice enough to send over one of their new mid-tower cases for us to review. The YY-5601BK features good looks, front mounted USB2.0/Audio/IEEE1394 ports, and a well designed cooling system."

Hopefully that keeps you tied over until the next round.  Until next time brothers and sisters, be good :) - Cheers

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