ABIT Fatal1ty Press Release, Coolers, Controllers and a Bag...

Good afternoon friends :)  Things around the HH labs have been very hectic over the past few weeks.  Between weddings, moves and the launch of our new site, I think everyone is looking forward to a weekend of R&R (though some will undoubtedly not find it).  Nevertheless, before yours truly gets too comfortable on the back deck, let's get another round of juice served up :)

PRESS RELEASE- ABIT Presents Fatal1ty 100 Shootout @ E304

Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C., April 23, 2004   As a world leader in high-performance motherboards and graphic cards, ABIT is proud to announce its new series of "Fatal1ty" motherboards and graphics cards. These new products are a part of a new line of Fatal1ty professional gaming products introduced by Auravision Inc., a pioneer peripheral developer, and will be included in the Fatal1ty/PWX gaming system developed by MDDM. Fatal1ty will be at E3 in booth #6453 Kentia Hall answering challenges from 100 show attendees in four-minute Fatal1ty shootouts. Challengers can win $1000 if they are able to beat Fatal1ty and other prizes can be won for scoring points against him.

"We are thrilled to be working with PWX, Auravision, and Fatal1ty to bring gamers around the world the most powerful gaming system ever devised," said ABIT Marketing Director Scott Thirlwell. "At E304, gamers will have the chance to experience ABIT hardware that has been tweaked and tuned by the world's number one gamer.

Auravision's gaming division signed an exclusive licensing agreement with leading gamer and three-time World Champion Gamer from the Cyberathlete Professional League, Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel. Together, they will launch a new line of products for professional gamers under the Fatal1ty brand name starting with the motherboard and graphics card by ABIT and the Fatal1ty/PWX gaming system.

For the full Press Release Click Here

Thermalright ALX-800 Heatsink Review @ Bjorn3D

"The Themralright ALX-800 is a copper/aluminum hybrid heatsink that offers great performance. In this review, the ALX-800 is tested on two different AMD mobos and compared to the popular Thermaltake Volcano 9 and a retail AMD Athlon XP 2500 HSF"

Galaxy Hard Drive Cooler @ HardwareHounds.com

"Hard drives are getting larger, faster and cheaper. Of course, with this increase in RPM speeds, there is also going to be an increase in the heat produced. Galaxy has created the GC815 Hard drive cooler, which addresses this exact problem. Cooler hard drive equals longer lifespan. Seems logical. So today, we?ve decided to test out this cooler and see how it performs."

Thermaltake's XController @ TechTastic.ca

"If you've got multiple fans in your computer rig, one great way to handle the noise is to use a fan bus. One such controller from Thermaltake is their new Xcontroller. This no frills, straight up four channel controller features a tri-colored LED system that corresponds to each fans speed."

Xoxide LAN Party Bag @ Controlled-Insanity PC Mods

"More and more people these days are carrying around their computers to places like LAN parties. People need a way to carry their computer and equipment efficiently, and this LAN party bag can help you do that. It's rated to hold up to 70 lbs. (32 kg) and it has adjustable straps which should make it suffice for just about any mid-tower case."

Asetek Antarctica WaterChill Kit Review @ Overclockers Club

"Today we'll be looking at the Asetek Antarctica Waterchill kit - the newest iteration of their popular Waterchill line. Using the latest methods of jet impingement waterblocks, we should really get a taste of some high class cooling today. Using popular market choices for the majority of their kit pieces, we'll get a feel for a couple of 'market standard' water-cooling pieces as well. Once again, today we'll be looking at the 'upgradeability of water-cooling - seeing as everyone starts with air and progresses to water-cooling (including myself) we'll take a look at the success of this system from that perspective. Will the Waterchill be everything you're looking for in a watercooling system? Let's dive in (har har har) and find out! "

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