A Little Bit Of Something Beats Paying A Lawyer

What is YouTube, exactly? It serves different purposes for different users, but its main reason for existence recently seems to be for music industry lawyers to fight over any money that might be in it. But Warner Brothers music seems to have come to the realization that YouTube is a massive pile of eyeballs that want to look at their product, and have decided that maybe they'd like to get a little milk from that cow instead of hiring lawyers to try to cut it into steaks:

Warner Music has agreed to make its library of music videos available to YouTube, marking the first time that an established record company has agreed to make its content library available to the user-generated media company. Under the agreement, YouTube users will have full access to videos from Warner artists. They will also be permitted incorporate material from those videos into their own clips, which are then uploaded to YouTube. Warner and YouTube will share advertising revenue sold in connection with the video content.

I use YouTube daily as a sort of video research library, and my main concern is to have the greatest amount of available content. YouTube created a market for viewers that the suits at the entertainment companies had either overlooked, or couldn't even imagine, because they were too busy suing the hell out of everything and everybody that walks, crawls, or wriggles on its belly that might have seen a Shakira video without paying or something.

YouTube's advertising your product for free, you fools. Do you want to sue them out of existence, and go back to paying publicists to beg us to look at this stuff again?

A penny from everybody is a lot of money. Maybe you should take it. Warner Music did.

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