A Good ATI-based Motherboard?

There's little question that the media has been less than thrilled by ATI's chipset offerings in the past. Fortunately for ATI, the latest crop of motherboards based on their new chipsets is beginning to make waves and surprise editors. Anandtech takes a look at the ASUS A8R-MVP motherboard and walks away thoroughly impressed.

In the end, the Asus A8R-MVP is definitely not what we expected. It is not top-end, expensive, 8-phase, or designed for the top overclock that anyone will ever achieve. It is really much more than any of those expectations. The A8R-MVP is a reasonably-priced, full-featured board that is not really missing any important features. Instead of the limitations of SB450, it has the advantages of ULi M1575. And this value-priced board produced the highest overclocks that we have ever seen with our OCZ Rev.2 Platinum memory and our 4000+ CPU.
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