88 Million Nobodies Want Vista

Apple is garnering all the headlines this morning upon the much anticipated arrival of their spiffy new version of their operating system, dubbed Leopard. It's set against the background of the enormous market share of their competitor, Microsoft, and the reported inability of the Redmond giant to wean people off of Windows XP and get them to embrace the Vista OS. "Nobody wants Vista," all the headlines read. I was surprised to find out that "no-one" equals "88 million copies."

Clearly, though, those consumers opting to go to Windows XP are in the minority. Vista is now on 95 percent of the desktops on retail shelves and Vista-based laptops represent 91 percent of the models in retail aisles, [Microsoft Windows Client General Manager]Charney said, citing numbers from Current Analysis.

Strong Vista sales, whether due to Vista's popularity or just a strong PC market, are nonetheless important to the operating system's future. That's because as Vista's installed base grows, application developers and hardware makers will be more likely to create products that specifically take advantage of the new operating system, which in turn, becomes a further catalyst for sales. 

The lines of people outside the Apple stores to purchase Leopard remind me of internet polls that place Ron Paul number one to be President. It's not a poll --a poll being a sample of general opinion that can be extrapolated to the general population-- it's a list of every single person that thinks that.

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