6600GT Previews, Silverstone LC06, Dual 2.5GHz Liquid Cooling and More

Good morning my friends welcome back to HotHardware :)  Sorry about the lack of news last night, I didn't get back from the day job until nearly 12am.  Needless to say, this News Jockey is craving the caffeine this morning.  I wonder if thinkgeek would do an emergency shipment????

 nVidia 6600GT Previews from around the web:

 Silverstone LC06 review @ Epiacenter.com

"It doesn't matter whether it's used in a living room or an office the Silverstone LC06 always looks good. That's mainly due to the subtle yet elegant design and the hidden optical drive. "

 Dual 2.5GHz G5 PowerMac Liquid Cooling @ Overclockers Australia

"You can see the pump in the bottom right hand corner of the cooling unit (the black box). You can also see the top of one of the cooling plates that cover the CPU core. This is the item with the 4 heat stacks surrounding the liquid pipe that runs to the centre of the heat plate."

 Altec Lansing AHS-602 Headphones Review @ CoolTechZone

"Headphones are a must accessory for any gamer. They allow you to easily communicate with players throughout the world to better strategize your game plans. Altec Lansing has come up with a solution to suit both gamers as well as those who use voice chat and other similar features via the Internet. The affordable speaker producer has combined the functionality of a pair of headphones and a microphone into a single product. This idea is definitely not unique, but is always interesting to see the product differences in the market between each company. As the competition increases, every manufacturer is trying to outdo each other with something special. "

 Pioneer DVR-108 16X DVD+/-R Combo Drive Review @ Mikhailtech

"Although still relatively new, DVD writers are now more affordable than ever and mid-range (4X) media no longer breaks the bank. They're also faster. Pioneer, known throughout the enthusiast community as the maker of slot loading drives, is taking charge with one of the most aggressive drives to date: the DVR-108. This is the first drive to allow 4X dual layer writing (up from the previous 2.4X) as well as 16X DVD±R writing, and being a CD-RW on top of everything makes this a very potent all-in-one combo. The price is the icing on the cake: at $96 for the OEM (with Nero Suite). Pioneer may have a winner."

 SilverStone Temjin SST-TJ05 Mid-Tower Server Case @ SystemCooling

"SilverStone continues to diversify their PC enclosure offerings to meet the needs of users seeking a roomy but affordable server style case with the Temjin 5. This new enclosure is slightly taller and wider, and much deeper than most standard mid-tower ATX cases. The SilverStone TJ05 incorporates hybrid construction combining a beautiful aluminum front with a more traditional (and cost effective) steel chassis. The Temjin 5 is available in either silver or black."

 BFG 6800 OC 128MB @ Bjorn3D

"The war between the graphics giants will go on and on for eternity at this point, so the biggest news is always who has the biggest weapon at the time. There always seems to be someone with a bigger gun, but finding out just how much more heat the competitor is packing is becoming more and more of a challenge. Enter NVIDIA's big gun -- the 6800 series of video cards."

 Legion Hardware - Intel D925XCV & D915GUX

"Today I will be looking at two current generation Intel motherboards based on two different chipsets. The all powerful D925XCV utilizes the Intel 925X (Extreme) chipset designed to deliver maximum performance. The other being the D915GUX which features the 915G chipset boasting Intel's new Graphics Media Accelerator 900 engine."

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