5MB Storage Array - IBM circa 1956

Ever really wonder just how far storage has come?  Think about this the next time you strap on your 8GB iPod Nano.  IBM's RAMAC or "Random Access Method of Accounting and Control" had a whole 5MB of disk space on it's 24" platters and hey, it only weighed a little over a ton...

"IBM introduced the 305 RAMAC computer on September 13th, 1956, which was the first computer to include a disk drive named the IBM 350 Disk File. Prior to this magnetic computer storage had consisted of core memory, tape, and drums. The magnetic disk was seen as a replacement for the magnetic drum for the same reason 78 RPM Records eventually replaced Edison cylinders- more storage with less space."

More storage with less space, go figure.  CED Magic has more info and a pic of a fine fellow operating this lil' beauty.  Or you can always Wiki it, just a little bit, for further musing...

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Via:  CED Magic
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