GeForce RTX 4090 Tops 4090MHz In Another Record-Breaking Overclock, How Poetic

708px 4090 founders edition
Just days after Splave’s incredible 4GHz overclock on the ASUS ROG GeForce RTX 4090 Matrix, another overclocker by the name of CENS has already come in and beat his world record by nearly 100MHz, overclocking NVIDIA’s flagship GPU to a poetic 4090MHz.

CENS overclock was achieved with liquid nitrogen overclocking, featuring a maximum GPU clock of 4095.0MHz at a blisteringly cold GPU temperature of minus 34.6°C (and a hotspot temperature of minus 40°C). Ironically the goal of this overclock wasn’t primarily to beat Splave’s 4GHz score, but was intended to be a “fun” experience — hence the 4090MHz achievement.

Nonetheless, CENS 4090MHz overclock is still very impressive. The near 100MHz boost over Splave's 4005MHz overclock is huge in the world of overclocking (not to mention world record-breaking overclocks). It is completely unknown how much higher NVIDIA’s Ada Lovelace GPU architecture can go, but at this rate, we could potentially see overclocks upwards of 4.5GHz within the next year.

The race to hit 4GHz was a pretty crazy event just before the record was finally broken. Leading up to the event, overclockers were posting consistent world record runs in the 3.9GHz range, including CENS 3,930MHz record, Splave's 3,945MHz achievement, and CENS 3,975MHz overclock. Until Splave finally broke the 4GHz record several days ago.

All of the world record results have been conducted on NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 4090 since it has been found to be the best GPU for achieving blisteringly high GPU frequencies. This is helped by the fact that NVIDIA’s Ada Lovelace GPU architecture uses TSMC’s more modern 4N process which is known to clock higher compared to previous nodes. It is also newer than the TSMC N5 and N6 nodes AMD uses in its RDNA 3-based GPUs (like the RX 7900 series) which is probably why overclockers have not successfully achieved similar world records on AMD hardware.