350Z For An Unlocked iPhone = Fair Trade

How much is an unlocked iPhone worth?  Apparently the value is about equal to that of a new Nissan 350z and a few unlocked 8GB iPhones.  That’s $30,000 or more.

The purchaser of the unlocked iPhone is CertiCell, a mobile phone repair company in Louisville, Ky.  In the wake of recent AT&T threats to litigate against people and/or organizations assisting in unlocking phones en masse, CertiCell has elected not to take commercial advantage of their new unlocking technique at this time.

The owner of the iPhone, and leader of a ring of hackers who put in more than 500 hours to crack it, is high school student George Hotz from Glen Rock, N.J.  When he returns to school in September, he’ll probably have a lot to say about his summer.
Hotz posted on his blog that he traded his modified iPhone for "a sweet Nissan 350Z and 3 8GB iPhones."

"This has been a great end to a great summer," Hotz wrote.
Mr. Hotz will also receive a consulting job with CertiCell if he so chooses, but with all the press this young man has earned, it's very likely he will have other lucrative offers as well.