3 Million Teachers Help Students Learn To Develop 21st Century Skills

3 Million Teachers Help Students Learn To Develop 21st Century Skills

Intel(R) Teach to the Future Reaches Milestone; Expands to South Korea and Nigeria

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Nov. 16, 2005 – A major milestone was reached by Intel Corporation today in its worldwide effort to help students and teachers develop 21st century learning skills. Three million teachers have now completed training through Intel(R) Teach to the Future, a professional development program designed to help teachers effectively integrate technology with learning. Armed with strategies to develop digital literacy, creativity, higher-order thinking, communication and collaboration, these teachers are reaching tens of millions of students daily across the globe.

Intel also announced expansion of the program into Nigeria through the New Partnership for African Development initiative, and to South Korea where the program will serve as the main component of the government's professional development plans.

"Millions of teachers have already transformed their classrooms by incorporating technology into daily lessons, making learning exciting and helping students reach their potential," said Intel Chairman Craig Barrett. "Working together, governments, educators and industry can advance the learning process and transform education around the world."

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