2K Games To Employ 3D Face-Mapping Tech For ‘NBA 2K15’ Player Characters

After blowing out both of my knees, at least one of which is still in need of more surgical repair, I find it's safer and generally easier on my body (though not always my sanity) to drop dimes and take it strong to the rim in basketball simulations than it is to hop back on the blacktop. That's one of the reasons why I'm looking forward to NBA 2K15 by 2K Games. And the other? Face mapping technology.

I'm short, white, and like to pretend I still have an athletic build. Creating an in-game character with those traits is pretty easy, but even after tweaking the hair and goatee, the resemblance is always minor at best. That won't be the case in NBA 2K15. According to an AP report, the developers are adding the option to digitally render photorealistic 3D models of your mug using the camera for either the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.

Kevin Durant

"It's all done using the processing power of the next-gen systems," said Jeff Thomas, vice president of sports development at "NBA 2K" developer Visual Concepts. "We've been talking about doing this for a number of years, but it really wasn't possible until we knew the processing power of the next-gen machines. It took some time to get it right."

The camera takes snapshots from several different angles and then pieces them together into a 3D model. When it's finished, you can tweak the 3D render to your liking and place it onto bodies of virtual players in the game's career and online modes. The process takes about three minutes, and you'll want to ensure there's plenty of light.

NBA 2K15 is set to arrive on October 7, 2014. You can pre-order the title now, and if you do, you'll receive the KD (Kevin Durant) MVP Bonus Pack, which includes 5,000 virtual currency, Kevin Durant throwback MyTEAM card, two MyTEAM card packs, and MyPLAYER leg sleeves inspired by KD himself.