2.5 Geeks: What The Heck Is NVIDIA Up To?

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In this latest episode of HotHardware's 2.5 Geeks, the guys recap some of last week’s happenings and discussing all of the recent NVIDIA news. From the rumored GeForce RTX 3080 Ti, to dedicated Crypto mining cards, to hash rate limiters and Grace CPUs, NVIDIA has a lot going on...

Show Notes:
02:47 -- What's in our the lab
08:56 -- New Spectre Chip Security Vulnerability Found
15:52 -- Alienware Aurora Ryzen Edition R10 Review
27:51 -- HP ZBook Fury 15 G7
33:44 -- What's NVIDIA Up To? GeForce RTX 3080 Ti
48:07 -- Hash Rate Limited Products And Crypto-Mining
56:25 -- No Chia Jokes Please
57:12 -- What's NVIDIA Up To? NVIDIA Grace
1:03:46 -- Check Out Val! And A Troll Hits The Stream