2.5 Geeks: Small Form Factor PC Vs Mac Studio And A Killer Giveaway Announcement

pc vs mac hero
Apple's Mac Studio is here and we've pitted it against Intel's powerful Dragon Canyon NUC small form factor PC. Which one is faster? What does power consumption look like? Join us as we talk PC vs Mac, along with AMD's recent Zen 4/5 and Radeon roadmap announcements, revisiting the Ryzen 6000 powered ASUS G14 laptop, and a HUGE announcement for an AWESOME GIVEAWAY...

Show Notes:
10:36 - AMD Reveals RDNA 3 Chiplets, 3D V-Cache For Zen 4 And Phoenix Point Laptop Chips
17:01 - AMD Details Zen 4 EPYC CPU And CDNA 3 GPU Roadmaps With AI Engines Fueled By Xilinx
25:05 - Ryzen 6000 And ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 Laptop Review: Revisiting Performance
32:05 - Falcon Northwest Tiki 2022 Review: Tiny Gaming PC That Slays
37:39 - Apple Mac Studio Review: Evaluating Value And Performance Vs PC Alternatives
1:01:50 - Upcoming Falcon Northwest Tiki All-AMD PC Giveaway Tease