2.5 Geeks - Crypto And Gaming GPUs: Let's Solve This Problem, Plus A Special Guest

crypto and gaming gpus livestream hero
In this episode of HotHardware's 2.5 Geeks, we invite Andy from eTeknix to join us for a lively discussion about crypto-mining and GPUs, limited or unlimited hash rate products, shortages, and how the industry should best solve this problem?!
Show Notes:
01:52 - HotHardware Destiny 2 Talon Gaming PC Giveaway With Falcon Northwest, AMD And Bungie!
02:57 - Introducing Andy from eTeknix
03:39 - Intel Core i9-11980HK Preview: 8-Core Tiger Lake-H Unleashed
07:23 - Intel Optane Memory H20 Review: Performance Where It Matters
12:31 - Qualcomm's Snapdragon 778G 5G SoC Packs Potent Performance Punch For Mid-Range Phones
16:18 - NVIDIA Officially Goes All-In On GeForce RTX 3080, 3070, 3060 Ti Lite Hash Rate Cards
20:11 - A Cardboard Shortage!
28:00 - What is AMD Up To In All Of This?
33:18 - Putting Andy On The Spot
42:42 - Was this NVIDIA's strategy all along?
47:00 - Will NVIDIA Build Another Titan?
49:44 - How About a Low-Profile RTX 3050?
52:36 - Comparing NVIDIA vs. AMD Ray Tracing
55:28 - Another Contest Reminder!
56:55 - Where To Find Andy and eTeknix
58:24 - Support Independent Publishing On Patreon