20th Anniversary PS4 Already Sold Out, Bids Hit $15k On eBay

There’s something about limited editions that triggers the win-at-any-cost instinct in some people. Sony recently put just more than 12,000 20th Anniversary Edition PlayStation 4s up for sale, prompting a mad rush to the PlayStation site by would-be customers. That was immediately followed by mind-boggling bids on eBay as early buyers auctioned off their newly-purchased consoles. Bidding on the few available consoles has been fierce, but hit the roof in one auction, which is sitting at $15,100 after 32 bids.

The gray Sony PS4 anniversary edition has been a huge it - and a moneymaker for some buyers-turned-sellers.
Image Credit: Sony

Whether the buyer really ponies up $15k for the anniversary PS4 remains to be seen, but even the smaller auctions for the limited edition console are going to be turning a serious profit for their sellers. Typical auctions have been in the $1,500 - $2,000 range, with dozens of bids.

Sony sold the consoles for $499.99 plus tax (shipping options started at $5). Because Sony just put the PS4s up for presale, the sellers don’t have the consoles yet. Some are posting redacted images of their order confirmations to prove they’ll be receiving the consoles.

Some eBay bids have be wildly high for the anniversary edition of the PlayStation 4 console.

It’s easy to see why gamers are excited about Sony’s anniversary PS4. The kit, which includes the console, one controller, and a PlayStation camera, sports a similar gray color to the original PlayStation consoles. If you have fond memories of wrecking your thumbs on a PS4 20 years ago, the anniversary edition is going make your heart twinge.