2048MB DDR Shootout, System Builder Guide, and more!

Hey everyone! Ever wonder how to mod a Apple iMAC G5? Posting this might be a sin to some of you, but Legit Reviews will show you how. Also, is the memory industry at a stand still? All that and more, here at the HH news post :)

High-End Wireless Notebook Mouse @ CoolTechZone

"After seething on the lack of ergonomically comfortable notebook mice, we noticed a new addition to Logitech's product line, the V500. The V500 is a wireless notebook mouse with comparatively better ergonomics, thanks in part to its grooves. The precision is all well and good for what its designed for – basic tasks. If you are planning on purchasing the V500, you wouldn't necessary be delighted with its performance over the one that's specifically designed for the gamers in mind."

2048MB DDR Shootout @ AMD Zone

"The following review will give you enough information to find the perfect module for your system. Whether you are on a budget, want a screaming fast stock system, or want to raise the FSB till your CPU begs for mercy, this review will hopefully give you that information as clearly and unbiased as possible."

System Builders Guide (SBG) @ TweakTown

"We are covering budget (The Avenger – under $800), mid-range (The Executioner - $800 - $1500) and high-end (The Slayer – No Budget). All prices are listed in USD and prices are sourced from Newegg.com, probably the most popular online retailer in the United States and they stock a lot of different brands and models."

Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-W7 Review @ Designtechnica

"It's amazing just how low digital camera prices have fallen. Sony made big news four years ago when it introduced the first 5-megapixel camera for under $1,000 (the DSC-F707). Now, Sony has a compact 7.2MP digicam with a 3x optical zoom for $399. It's an excellent camera for those who want superior point-and-shoot quality without breaking out the owner's manual every five minutes or paying for a call to the local Geek Squad."