2025 BMW 2 Series Coup Flaunts A Luxury Tech Refresh And More Horsepower

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Fresh off the revealing of its refreshed 2 series, BMW has pulled the covers off the latest M2 with a rare mid-cycle power bump along with some luxury tweaks. The new car now has 473 horsepower and up to 443 lb-ft of torque (depending on which transmission you choose). We're still not hot on the squared-off design elements of the front and rear bumper, but that's for another discussion.

If you're a self-respected car person, you'd probably agree that modern era 1 and 2 series are dynamically some of the best cars BMW makes. Where other BMW models (even the 3) have grown in every dimension and gotten more complicated, it is BMW's smallest cars that carry the last vestige of fun and accessible driving dynamics in a compact package. The new 2025 model year M2 seems to continue that tradition, now with more oomph for the dollar.

While the powerplant is the same S58 as the current generation M2 (and many other M-cars), the engine has been fettled with a power increase for the 2025 model. BMW engineers have eked out 20 extra horses from the 3.0-liter turbocharged six-cylinder for a total of 473 hp on tap. Torque is transmission dependent, however. Pick the standard six-speed manual and you'll get a no-shame-in-that 406 lb-ft of torque; opt for the eight-speed Steptronic automatic and you'll be rewarded with 442 lb-ft. Did we mention that the automatic is a no-cost option?

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On paper, these power and torque increases knocks the M2 zero-to-60 mph time down to 4.1 seconds (manual) and 3.9 seconds (automatic), but the Munich-based automaker is known to sandbag performance numbers, so expect these times to be even quicker IRL. Speaking of speed, max velocity is limited to the usual 155 mph, but that can be lifted to 177 mph if buyers go for the M Driver's package.


Externally, BMW has largely kept things untouched, but is offering twice the number of color options than before. In fact, only two colors are carried over—Frozen Pure Grey metallic and Frozen Portimao Blue II metallic—while the rest are fresh for 2025. Also new (and really nice to see) is the option for bright silver finish wheels, as opposed to the standard jet black rims.

On the inside, nothing a whole lot has been altered, but notable changes are the infotainment getting the BMW OS 8.5 update, and new material options for the steering wheel and seats.

The 2025 BMW M2 starts at $66,100, which a lot of money for a small BMW. In the big scheme of things though, the new car costs only $1,900 more than the previous base model. It's not often a car manufacturer adds more power for a mid-life refresh, and in this case, the fact that buyers are paying merely $94 for each extra horsepower is a fantastic deal.